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One of the world's favorite tropical fruits, and primarily symbolized friendship and hospitality for centuries is first called “anana“, a caribbean word for “excellent fruit”. The word “pineapple” was named later by European explorer who thought that this fruit looks like a pinecone with flesh like an apple.


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This is a good sources of vitamin C, A with cholesterol free and high antioxidants. When corn is cooked, the antioxidant activity, which helps protect body from cancer and heart disease, is increased. In addition, another good thing is that frozen and canned corn has about the same nutritional value as fresh corn.

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Virgin Coconut Oil consists of saturated fatty acids that can be convertd into energy quickly, improves fat metabolism without increasing trilycerides and cholesterol.

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Seasonal Fruit 

& Vegetable

Do you know your fruit from your vegetables? The general rule is that an edible plants can be categorized as a fruit  if it has seeds, but if it is seedless, it is vegetables. Moreover, when it comes to cooking, fruits are sweet tasting and vegetables are more savory and less sweet.

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Tuna &


Tuna is a large fish that can reach of 6.5 feet in length, and weight up to 550 pounds. Despite their large size, tunas are fast swimmer at speed up to 70 kph. Moreover, all 8 species of tuna are nomadic, which means that they do not spend their entire life on an single place, instead, they often change their location.

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Rice &

Rice Products

Rice is one of the oldest known food that is still widely consumed today by half of the world's population. People in Asia eat 90-181 kgs of rice per person per year. The words for rice and food are identical in several asian languages. For example, in Thailand, when you call your family to a meal, you say “Eat Rice”

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Sauce &


“FULL OF FLAVOUR” Thailand’s renowned cuisines is popular around the world because of the taste of extraordinary flavour. The secret is in their preparation of healthy ingredients combines with fresh herbs and spices. The skilful use of herbs, spices, sauces and pastes ensures a sensational burst of flavours on you palate. 

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Seasonal Chart

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